Retro Walt Disney logo from Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

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Some inspirational Walt quotes.

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Walt Disney Tumblr headers. Feel free to use it.

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Ferdinand The Bull was a Disney’s short film from 1938 produced at the studio at the hight of its golden age of animation. 

A few fun facts? The bull’s mother was voiced by Walt Disney. Milt animated this character. Also, Walt recognized himself being caricatured as the film’s matador, but animator Ward Kimball denied this. I need to find some sketches of this matador!

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Some cool and rare Walt Disney pics at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair, sharing some of his plans for “It’s a Small World”

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The Jungle Book's Indian Jungle

Ken Anderson and background painter Al Dempster were involved in the development these color studies for the film. Ken also did initial sketches for the main character that stuck until the definition of the animated character.

"As you know, Walt Disney opted for a light, airy jungle, since the story included mostly comedic sequences. Dark, mysterious backgrounds would have worked for a more dramatic story treatment." -Andreas Deja

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"Saving Mr. Banks" vs. The 60s

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So Freaken Excited!! 

Am I the only one completely excited about this film??? 

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Happy 112th Birthday, Walt Disney!

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I want to get this book so bad!

Mindy Johnson presents all aspects of Tinker Bell’s career in this book. She has become one of Disney’s most iconic characters. There are many never-before-seen or published Behind the Scenes photos. It talks about Tinker Bell career’s on TV, story books and merchandise. The last chapter is devoted to her CG film career.

It would be the most amazing addition to my Disney Book Collection.

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Picture Post, magazine article from March 23, 1946

You see Kimball working on the section called The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met, and to his eft hangs an early model sheet of the Siamese Cats from Lady and the Tramp, a film that wouldn’t be in theaters until almost a decade later. Ollie Johnston is credited as Disney’s top animator, while Milt Kahl, in the last image, doesn’t get mentioned at all.

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