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Alice Icons

Feel free to use as avatars, and credit is appreciated ;)

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Oh My Disney took this amazing pictures portraying the newly released The Little Mermaid Vinylmation series, and I just could resist playing with them to create these graphics

Original Pictures: OMD

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Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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Showing the Disney Princesses some love!

Which one is your fave?

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Disney human ladies through time

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This man did EVERYTHING. Generally animators focused in one or two categories which to explore in animation. Not Ken Anderson. He studied architecture, and secured at position at Disney where ha contributed throughout his career as an art director, screenwriter, animator, production designer, short-story author and imagineer. 

These are all concept art he did for various Disney films, but he participated in so much more, and those films wouldn’t have been what they were without him. Andreas Deja describes his work as art that  shows how to place characters in an environment in a way that presents mood combined with character development”.

He received the Disney Legend award as for animation and imagineering in 1991, an honour that recognizes people who made outstanding contribution to the Walt Disney Company.

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This is the scene where Hercules gently lowers Meg to the ground after she sacrificed to save him from the giant cyclops titan. Hercules was animated by Disney animator Andreas Deja, who was in for something different after animating 3 iconic villains in a row (Gaston, Jafar and Scar), and asked if he could take the assingment of Adult Hercules. Animator Ken Duncan, who was Meg’s supervising animator, helped him to keep her drawing on model.

Source: Deja View

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Glen Keane's Pocahontas from the pencil to the screen…

Glen Keane's Pocahontas from the pencil to the screen…

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Ode to Megara

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