The Lion King iPhone 5 Backgrounds

Requested by: dont-fly-soar

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As requested by severeopulence, here’s the iPhone 5 Backgrounds of the Lady Villains, based in the Princess 1 & 2, and the Disney Ladies one. You can find them all in my Disney iPhone Backgrounds!

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Mulan in her saving-China-outfit iPhone 5 Backgrounds

Requested by benorosz6

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101 Dalmatians iPhone 5 Backgrounds

Requested by raquelhq

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Flynn and Maximus’ iPhone 5 Backgrounds

Requested by freckles-the-princess

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Iphone 5 Backgrounds

It has been a while since I had done some Iphone Backgrounds, any requests to see more of these from ur favorite films or characters? Let me know in my askbox! :)

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Disney Xmas iPhone 5s Backgrounds

Requested by:farietaledreams

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I got really into the Vanellope iPhone 4 backgrounds, so here is another one ;)

I got really into the Vanellope iPhone 4 backgrounds, so here is another one ;)

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Wreck-it Ralph iPhone 4 Backgrounds

The Vanellope one was made using art by David Gilson

Requested by: teenagefangirl

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Disneyland Castle Iphone 4 Backgrounds

Some of you requested it for this particular model, so here u go! :)

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