I’m watching TREASURE PLANET again, it’s been a while. Everytime I watch it, I think about how underestimated it is, many people don’t even know it exists. Great characters, effects, relationships, layouts and dialogue. It cracks me up and breaks my heart. I love this film. It should get more credit, don’t you think?

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Just wonderful

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Disney brunettes

Disney brunettes

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The costumes in Frozen tell a visual story that supports the narrative. Everything is designed for a reason, for instance, Anna has clothes in a bright yellow and green color palette whereas Elsa’s is a pale and cold one.

Notice how Anna grows up and, when she is adult, she still wears the same warm palette she did as when she was five. She’s a big kid, she’s the same. Elsa grows up to darker blues, as she closes herself off from the world. Her sleeves get longer and shows less skin. Also hairstyles get to be tighter. This all changes when she sings “Let It Go” and she goes back to pale blue and lets her hair down.

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Oh yeah

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Quick Elsa by Vijolea

Quick Elsa by Vijolea

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No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.

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Your sister? She returned from the mountain weak and cold. She said that you froze her heart. I tried to save her but it was too late. Her skin was ice; her hair turned white. Your sister is dead, because of you!

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EPIC film

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true en We Heart It.

So true! AND I saw it coming


true en We Heart It.

So true! AND I saw it coming