A Disney 4th of July look (X)

A Disney 4th of July look (X)

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse by Jaypici

Mickey and Minnie Mouse by Jaypici

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Walt Disney Tumblr headers. Feel free to use it.

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I recently had the privilege to draw an art piece for D23 and they used it for promotional use on their website! They’re having a contest giveaway this month called "23 Days of Disney Christmas Sweepstakes". Enter for a chance to win your own embossed reproduction of one their “23 Days of Disney Christmas” pieces, including mine. :D They’re updating with a new piece every day until the 26th. Check it out!

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Illustrations of the classics…

Illustrations of the classics…

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love at first sight ;)

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Some cool D-Tech iPhone 5 cases you can find at the parks and in the Disney Store Online

Vintage Minnie Mouse $34.95

Pixar Pals $31.95

Minnie Mouse Icon $34.95

Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse $34.95

Goofy $34.95

Minnie Mouse Dotty $44.95

Mickey Mouse Icon $34.95

Perry the Platypus $31.95

Donald Duck $34.95

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