We all know that in the golden years, as reference for animation, there were live action characters to study movement, posing, lighting, etc. It is all about filling the frame with proportions and personality. Here are some examples for some films, comparing a photostat wit the actor’s performance and the result, showing how greatly they influenced the animators.

Love how they just used a Mickey Mouse plush to reference Michael in the Peter Pan shot.

Many of these actors were favorites and were hired for various characters, like Helene Stanley who was a live action reference for Cinderella and Anastasia Tremaine (Cinderella), Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Anita Radcliffe (101 Dalmatians) or Kathryn Beaumont who was for Alice (Alice in Wonderland) and Wendy Darling (Peter Pan) as seen above.

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Before animation storyboards are drawn and questioned time and time again. Various styles are being explored in order to achieve the right look for the film, and often live action is shot to help animators with their acting choices (Andreas Deja).

Above are some imaged of the live-action that was filmed for Disney’s Peter Pan, which proved to be quite helpful for these talented and legendary animators, such as Marc Davis, Frank Thomas and Bill Peet. Some of the acting inspired faces, movements or even sceneries for the animation, it was up to each of them what they used and what they didn’t use, nevertheless, it helped as a starting point. But as Marc Davis said, it was often helpful to be able to look at something instead of starting with a blank sheet of paper.
These are vintage photostats that were made available to the animators, which motivated them and pushed them to translate the footage and live-action into graphic motion. Actors were filmed wearing somewhat crude outfits, and simple props which helped create a very general environment of the whole scene.
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(Source: fancysomedisneymagic)

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