First encounters and kisses <3

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I have never met a Megara face character :(

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^I totally get why they’re all screaming now

This was too funny not to reblog


^I totally get why they’re all screaming now

This was too funny not to reblog

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Disney Characters Without Their Beards by Annie Erskine

Previously: Disney Princesses With Beards

I will never look at them the same way


I’m very uncomfortable with this

This just cracked me up! hahahha

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✷ Real Life Disney Girls ✷

            ∟ Jirka Väätäinen

Simply incredible how they look exactly like these characters would look in real life, the details on the face and everything. It’s simply FLAWLESS

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I love this.

This child should be president

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These are usually the colors they use for the evil characters… never noticed before

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Cute Disney Ladie

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Power couple

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This is the scene where Hercules gently lowers Meg to the ground after she sacrificed to save him from the giant cyclops titan. Hercules was animated by Disney animator Andreas Deja, who was in for something different after animating 3 iconic villains in a row (Gaston, Jafar and Scar), and asked if he could take the assingment of Adult Hercules. Animator Ken Duncan, who was Meg’s supervising animator, helped him to keep her drawing on model.

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