Can I love Glen Keane even more?

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Character Progression- Flynn Rider

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Tarzan Animation Tests 

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Glen Keane's Pocahontas from the pencil to the screen…

Glen Keane's Pocahontas from the pencil to the screen…

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As of March 23, 2012, Disney Legend Glen Keane has left the Walt Disney animation studios. Glen served as a mentor to several Disney artists and a hero to those aspiring to work for the company. This post is in honor of his outstanding work in animation, his ability to breathe life into that which was once without and his dedication to the Walt Disney company.

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Ariel by Glen Keane

Ariel by Glen Keane

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Animation Supervisors Glen Keane, John Kahrs and Clay Kaytis feature in a small cameo in the Tangled credits.

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Sergeant Calhoun By Glen Keane

I adore how you can tell just from the way the sketch looks what animator drew it. I LOVE GLEN KEANE, he’s my favorite animator.

Completely agree

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"I have used my own FAMILY as model. Ariel was my wife, Tarzan my son, I was beast and my daughter Claire was very much the inspiration for Rapunzel"

- Glen Keane

( I couldn’t find a picture of Max, Glen’s son, so I had to improvise :P )

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Goodbye Ana
Graphite art by Glen Keane

Goodbye Ana

Graphite art by Glen Keane

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