We already established that the creative crew’s intention was to create a mouth-watering world, so it actually looks like an actual world made of candy.

So why not build that candy world…. out of candy?

This came to life when Mike Gabriel asked talented (and one of my personal faves) Disney visual develoment artist Brittney Lee to build models of the Sugar Rush town square and race track out of real, sugary, sweet and teeth-rottening CANDY.

These models helped figure out how to make different textures of the ground. Some areas are covered with frosting, others with crumbled cookies and cocoa powder. She spent a lot of time pulling out white Neco wafers from wax paper sleeves full of assorted colors, just so she could make a candy flagstone path.This certainly established the benchmark, and resulted in a more authentic look the artists were trying to accomplish.

Brittney was more than excited when she received the assignment- “The day that I was painting faces on the popcorn people in King Candy’s grandstand, I was like ‘There s no better job on the planet. Nobody else is doing something as cool and silly as I am right now’”.

Even better, when John Lasseter, executive producer of the film, saw the candy faces in the grandstands, he went crazy. Coudn’t contain the excitement, and knew this film was going to be major.

They even did models of the racecars!

(Source: fancysomedisneymagic)

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