On March 30th 1993, almost 20 years ago, Marc and Alice Davis threw a garden party with family and friends in celebration of Marc’s 80th birthday.

Andreas Deja was one of the many Disney animators to attend, and instead of getting Marc a store-bought card, he came up with an illustration of Maleficent (one of Marc’s characters) being asked to dance by Jafar (one of the characters Andreas had animated). 

In additon, he wrote the lyrics from an old song in order to point out that Maleficent had an influence on the way he designed and animated Jafar. Simple, clear lines and shapes, resulting in a stylized design for the character. Andreas animated some great villains from the Disney Renaissance, whereas Marc did two great villains from the golden age. He was truly inspired by Marc’s work, what better way to show it than in making him this home-made card.

In the photo there is Andreas in the very 90s colorful shirt, giving Marc the card. The animation historian Charles Solomon is the one with the glasses in the middle.

Source: Deja View

(Source: fancysomedisneymagic)

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