Disney’s underground tunnels!



There are hidden tunnels underneath some of the Disney parks.

Disney World has many secrets and one of the best kept is the complex of underground tunnels beneath Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

There is a famous story that Walt Disney was so concerned when he saw a cowboy meant to be in Disneyland’s Frontier Land walking through Tomorrow Land that he set about in solving the problem. To Walt Disney the perfection of the illusion and story telling was vitally important - so seeing a Cast Member out of place was something which he needed to resolve when he designed Walt Disney World.

The solution? Utilidors. The technical Disney name for the underground tunnels which were built underneath Walt Disney World.


As well as being an underground tunnel system for access to the Magic Kingdom for Cast Members the utilidors perform several other functions.

The Digital Animation Control System or DACS is to be found underground in the tunnels. This is the nerve centre for all of the controls for the Magic Kingdom - from the animatronics controls to the personal address system.

The AVAC System is also underground. Every wondered why you don’t see Cast Members emptying the garbage cans around the Magic Kingdom? It is because there is a centralized underground system in the utilidors! This innovative system uses compressed air to speed garbage at 60 miles per hour to a centralized processing system for recycling and disposal.

Costumes used to be housed in the utilidors but since 2005 these have been stored at a separate location in the Cast Members parking lot.

What else is found in the utilidors? Cast Member locker rooms, a check cashing service and even a hairdresser. It is a community in itself!

Is Magic Kingdom the only Disney park with the underground tunnels? Epcot does have tunnels which connect Innoventions and The Land. There is another tunnel that goes from Universe of Energy, right under Spaceship Earth, and ends at The Living Seas. But these tunnels are not as complex as the ones in the Magic Kingdom and are mainly used for storage. Neither Disney’s Animal Kingdom nor Hollywood Studios have underground tunnels.

(Source: itallstartedwithamouse)

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